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    Re: Allergies & such - ff. dd. sharon. Anyone?

    Posted by v on 8/28/06

    v! talk to the Swedes.

    On 8/27/06, v wrote:
    > A thought crossed my mind. When ff
    said, it's ot about the
    > treatment. But instead getting the
    toxins out. I was
    > wondering if any body has givin any
    thought to saunas. I'm
    > not confussing this with sweat
    lodges. Sweating out the
    > poisons that accumulate in our
    bodys, seems to work wonders
    > for some people. Getting away from
    the toxins is another
    > matter. But if that's not possible
    for every one. Dosen't it
    > open air ways too? I have givin
    this some extra thought. I
    > have a house full of sufferes.
    Since no body is going any
    > where soon, cept maybe me. Any
    thoughts on this?

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