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    Re: case number for workmens comp

    Posted by Tracey on 6/21/06

    On 2/28/06, Joseph wrote:
    > On 7/21/04, carol wrote:
    >> looking for a case number for a case against Associated
    >> aircraft in a settlement in 2000 or 2001 in workmens comp.
    >> in Ohio for my father who worked there in 1950 around
    >> radioactive chemicals. How can I find this info and where?
    > Carol,
    > Would this be a federal sector case or a state case?

    Could you tell me what county in Ohio the settlement was handled
    in. The BWC does have a settlement department you would need to
    know your father's social security number and DOI, (date of
    injury) It may be online since it was settled in 2001. BWC went
    to a paperless system and was just starting to scan their
    information into Dolphin Go to BWC website for ohio and sign up
    as your father, list his social security number and see if
    anything is on line.

    Let me know what you find. I may be able to help you find it.
    Was your father or PTD? Why did he settle his claim? Sometimes
    people settle for the imidiate hit of a settlement when they
    don't know that they may be able to keep the claim open and if
    there are long term health problems they probably should.

    Is your father deceased?

    Sorry for the personal questions, but some of this information
    is necessary in order to help you figure out what the BWC has
    done. I used to be a claim rep for them and I am keen to
    clerical errors or misnomers that just because people aren't
    informed or errors caught early there could be problems.

    You can also go to the actual county where his claim was filed
    and ask them to order and pull the hard file, they should have
    copies of everything that was processed in the claim.

    Luckily it was settled in 2001, they may not have destroyed the
    file yet.

    Look online first. Since you are not a party to the case they
    will not talk to you unless you have power of attorney.

    However you can go online and enter an account for him and see
    what comes up, at least that will give you a claim number, then
    call and request the file after you get power of attorney.

    Was there an attorney on the case? They would have the claim

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck, I know it's stressful but it is a process that can
    move more smoothly if you have someone help you through the
    channels at the BWC in Ohio.

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