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    Re: mold or related claims in Colorado

    Posted by Harvard46Q on 6/02/06

    On 1/03/06, Avram Saunders wrote:
    Question - Does anyone know of residential claims resulting
    from mold or related issues in Colorado and Wyoming. Only three
    cases have
    been reported and those all involved government buildings
    and contractors.

    Answer -- You must contact Dr. Richard Lipsey, the forensic
    toxicologist in Jacksonville, Florida (
    who has been an expert witness in toxic chemical cases and
    sickbuilding lawsuits, like pesticides, formaldehyde, toxic
    fumes, sick buildings and mold, for over 30 years according to
    the National Library of Medicine. He has testified in cases in
    Colorado and Wyoming and most other states in both federal
    courts and state courts and does as much plaintiff work as he
    does defense work. Go to his website,

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