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    Re: Welcome to the Medical Implants Chatboard

    Posted by chris on 12/09/09

    On 12/09/09, Miss C wrote:


    Its not about good or bad silicone!!!

    its a defalty product just like bad can of beans put into 2000
    women and more... Then blow all up for good vs bad!!!

    amazing how certain people with same group of a serial numbers
    ( like batch of food processed are marked) Have the SAME known
    dieases and that the mfg can say what diease groups one has
    accoring to those serial numbers!!! duh!
    what are the odds of that?

    good or bad, who knows. But thousands of sick people know about
    those serial numbers and the years of sickness and lost
    lifestyle in the lives they once knew.

    shame on you dow corning

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