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    Re: inappropriate

    Posted by Patrick on 2/21/03

    On 2/21/03, Mary wrote:
    > Yeah, there is a good plan... Keep surfing the chat boards
    > for the truth.
    > You sound pretty paranoid. You know, THEY are watching you
    > here TOO. This is the easiest place to monitor your every
    > move. They can actually watch you, through your monitor
    > while you type.

    Mary, that was rather childish. Clearly this person is in
    distress, and does not need your inappropriate comments.

    Secondly, it is clear now that your response to me in the other
    thread was sarcastic. Mary, this is not a political issue, so do
    not make it one. This is not a game of playing dumb either.

    If you feel I made an error in my post, please feel free to
    offer me a correction. If you cannot do so, then perhaps you
    might want to keep your sarcasm to yourself, as it is unwarranted.

    Many people with MCS suffer a lot more than most people ever
    will. It is an incomprehensible hell, in which most sufferers
    are alone in their suffering without receiving proper treatment,
    compassion, or recognition of their suffering. The LAST thing
    they need is someone like you mocking them.

    This is not an insult to your character since I do not know you,
    but someone needs to let you in on the fact that you're being
    childish rather than objective.

    ~ Pat

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