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    Re: inappropriate

    Posted by Mary on 2/24/03

    Childish, I don't know. Rude, probably. Sarcasm, clearly. Was
    this person's life damaged? No. This person is smart enough to
    operate a computer, and can read and write, so probably he/she
    has the ability to understand sarcasm just fine. If not, then
    will he/she be able to distinguish fact from fiction presented
    as fact?

    Look at some realities here. This person, who expresses all
    kinds of troubles, is roaming the internet looking for the RIGHT
    CHAT ROOM to solve their problems. Is this really a good plan?
    Has this person derived any meaningful benefit from the
    reponses? What distinguishes the RIGHT chat room from the WRONG
    chat room? What would 'help' even look like? Is sarcasm an
    invalid means of expressing an opinion? You certainly figured it

    Would it have been more 'objective'and helpful to say something
    like this:

    Your writing suggests to me that you may not be rational. I
    think seeking solutions at a website designed by lawyers to
    troll for plaintiffs is a bad idea and you should reconsider
    your approach. I suggest you consider that the vast majority of
    public health authorities doubt that MCS is real. While this
    fact may trouble you, and may upset those with contrary
    opinions, it remains a reality. And, dear writer, because of
    this reality, you are potentially dealing with those on the
    fringes, some of whom may be seeking to exploit you.

    Well, reading through it, I think you're right. The 'objective'
    approach is probably better than the sarcastic approach. Do you
    prefer this style?

    Best regards

    > Mary, that was rather childish. Clearly this person is in
    > distress, and does not need your inappropriate comments.
    > Secondly, it is clear now that your response to me in the other
    > thread was sarcastic. Mary, this is not a political issue, so
    > not make it one. This is not a game of playing dumb either.
    > If you feel I made an error in my post, please feel free to
    > offer me a correction. If you cannot do so, then perhaps you
    > might want to keep your sarcasm to yourself, as it is
    > Many people with MCS suffer a lot more than most people ever
    > will. It is an incomprehensible hell, in which most sufferers
    > are alone in their suffering without receiving proper
    > compassion, or recognition of their suffering. The LAST thing
    > they need is someone like you mocking them.
    > This is not an insult to your character since I do not know
    > but someone needs to let you in on the fact that you're being
    > childish rather than objective.
    > ~ Pat

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