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    Re: They Want To Crucify Me 2

    Posted by BFV on 3/27/03

    On 3/26/03, Mary wrote:
    > Welcome back from vacation. I hope you had a relaxing and
    > healthful time. It has been suggested by others that perhaps
    > my initial response was a tad harsh, and that I should focus
    > on using less sarcastic means of communication. So, here is
    > what I think:
    > Your writing suggests to me that you may not be rational. I
    > think seeking solutions at a website designed by lawyers to
    > troll for plaintiffs is a bad idea and you should reconsider
    > your approach. I suggest you consider that the vast majority
    > of
    > public health authorities doubt that MCS is real. While this
    > fact may trouble you, and may upset those with contrary
    > opinions, it remains a reality. And, dear writer, because of
    > this reality, you are potentially dealing with those on the
    > fringes, some of whom may be seeking to exploit you.
    > So please be careful.
    > And... to address YOUR questions:
    > No, I don't think we've met. I don't believe I know you, but
    > that may be redundant, given your first question. I have no
    > guilt. Yes, from time to time I believe I probably do torment
    > the 'mcs'ers', though that strikes me as an odd way to
    > describe yourself. May I suggest, 'person with an illness
    > difficult to fully characterize'. Unfairness? See above
    > response. Asked me? Well, go check the messages and I think
    > you asked the whole world, via your posting. See, that is the
    > way this internet thing works. Helpful response from others?
    > What helpful response, unless you consider my very, very sound
    > advice, as summarized above. No, I don't have MCS. I believe
    > MCS is not a valid characterization of an illness, but I know
    > that not everyone agrees with me. I believe your assertion
    > that everyone gets effected sooner or later is a false and
    > unsupportable conclusion. Are you saying there may actually be
    humans out there made of iron, which toxins cannot effect them???
    Don't kid yourself!
    > So, that is what I think and how I am doing. I know that Pat
    > may be upset with me (or perhaps not), but I'm really trying
    > to be objective here.
    > Now that we have all of that out in the open, tell me, if you
    > don't mind that is, what your next move is. To not give up hope
    that I can live a *comfortable* life, avoiding toxins as I
    please, and avoiding people like you who only help exacerbate my
    condition. The spitefulness will not be played with me,
    because "YES" this is illegal harassment if someone forces me to
    become uncomfortable from toxic exposure!!! Certainly I deserve
    to get an order of protection out against anyone deliberately
    forcing me to inhale toxins, and that means neighbors, landlords,
    employers, and employees *waiting* for the chance to blow
    something irritating my way! I will also not be cheated out of a
    job ever again because of personal issues concerning caring about
    my health, regardless of who dislikes or envies me, it's not up
    to them whether or not I'm comfortable and content!! This is my
    body and I will control to the best of my ability what goes into
    it! This will also be the last correspondence we have with each
    other, because I can see you don't believe people have mcs, and
    just what you're doing on this chatboard, to me, sounds like
    intentions of harassment!
    Does this approach
    > really seem to be helping you improve your health, or find a
    > job?
    > Let me add, you sound like someone who is forced to be exposed
    to chemicals, helpless, and incapable of caring about your
    health, and to desire comfort. You probably have no sense of
    smell either. And you're no doubt a smoker! But remember this,
    just because others may be in the rut of no escape from the
    toxins, doesn't mean there shouldn't be any wiser people out to
    protect themselves from harm! I enjoy feeling good, and nobody is
    going to deprive me of that because they don't think MCS is real.
    How foolish! Keep exposing yourself to toxins, see what happens.
    I'll continue to play it smart ;)
    > Best regards,
    > Mary
    > 3/26/03, Back From Vacation! wrote:
    >> Those who see this chatboard as a place to find victims to
    >> criticize, and aim their bitterness at, appear to have no
    >> life. Mary, have we met? Do you know me personally? If you
    >> do...are you feeling guilty of something? Do you torment the
    >> MCS'ers? Regardless of where I seek it, are you afraid I
    >> might get help to end all this unfairness being done to me?
    >> Why?? On the other hand if you don't know me...boy, you've
    >> got some nerve denying any of what I've explained is true
    > and
    >> feeling I'm making excuses for having MCS to hide laziness
    >> or something. Who do you think you are posting your sarcasm
    >> on here...hey, nobody asked you!!! I'm grateful I got some
    >> wonderful support from more educated people. When you become
    >> educated on MCS, post some helpful responses because that's
    >> what this chatboard is for...not for your obvious
    >> frustrations towards the unfortunate portion of society, for
    >> what ever reason that could be!? Do you have MCS? Do you
    > care?
    >> Hate to tell you, but EVERYONE get's effected sooner or
    > later
    >> from exposure to all these disgusting, filthy toxins most
    >> people are too absent-minded to live without!

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