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    Re: They Want To Crucify Me 2

    Posted by BFV on 3/27/03

    On 2/21/03, Mary wrote:
    > Yeah, there is a good plan... Keep surfing the chat boards
    > for the truth.
    > You sound pretty paranoid. You know, THEY are watching you
    > here TOO. This is the easiest place to monitor your every
    > move. They can actually watch you, through your monitor
    > while you type.
    Watching me? Looking to exploit me? Why? What have I done
    wrong? I posted up on a public chatboard, seeking appropriate
    and education advice! Are you threatening me because of that?
    They can see me through my monitor? Come on, lady, what do you
    think I was born yesterday? And if this was true that would be
    invasion of privacy, no? Then THEY would be the ones doing
    something wrong! I'm relieved that there are chatboards
    available for a person to express themselves on the subject of
    the chatboard. Anyone negative to the subject of the chatboard,
    has no business being there, and can only be there to harass
    people...and that my dear writer, is off color. So maybe you
    should watch what you type because they may be watching you!
    Feeling a little *paranoid* now?

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