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    Re: hi Mary

    Posted by Mary on 3/28/03

    Hello Pat:

    Well yes, I was repeating myself, actually cut and past, in
    my 'trying to be less sarcastic' mode. The original poster,
    returned from some kind of vacation so I was sharing my 'evolved'

    By the way, I don't doubt that at least some, perhaps many, people
    alleging they have mcs are in fact ill. My main beef is with the
    seemingly all inclusive mcs diagnosis net. It seems to be a tool
    of convenience, vs a real diagnosis. Some may be fakers, some may
    have mental illness. I know you believe it incorrect to declare
    all 'mcsers' as nuts, and I agree. I believe it is just as
    incorrect to cast the broad mcs net simply because the actual
    illness is unknown.

    Short for time Pat, gotta go, now

    Best regards


    On 3/28/03, Pat wrote:
    >>>> I suggest you consider that the vast majority of public health
    > authorities doubt that MCS is real. While this fact may trouble
    > you, and may upset those with contrary opinions, it remains a
    > reality. <<<
    > Mary, although the post was not for me, I have indeed already
    > replied to your above comments. The fact that you are repeating
    > such comments is very interesting to me.

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