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    Re: hi Pat

    Posted by Mary on 3/28/03


    Just to clarify a couple things. I think we were both typing away at
    the same time, so my previous post is not intended to be responsive to
    your previous post. I had not read yours.

    I'm really not being fanatical. I just don't see the value in debating
    scientific or medical studies on a legal chat board. (And I don't
    intend for that to sound dismissive) Historically, the better place
    for that is via peer reviewed journals. That is how collective opinion

    Let me ask you this, just flat out:

    Do you believe that mainstream opinion is that mcs exists? And by
    mainstream I mean broadly recognized and with little controversy. I
    think you understand.

    Or are you saying something more along the lines of: The concept of
    mcs is increasingly being investigated by recognized authorities
    utilizing scientific methods.

    Now, I realize YOU are pretty well convinced, but what I am asking is
    if you also believe that the MAJORITY of the MEDICAL COMMUNITY is
    equally convinced.

    Mainstream opinion, or the state of knowledge, or whatever you wish to
    call it is collective. Opinion standing alone, no matter how
    potentially profound it may be, is still just opinion standing alone.

    If that single opinion evolves into two, or three and on and on, okay,
    then it becomes mainstream and most of the debate goes away. So if
    what you are really saying is something like 'I think we are seeing
    the first and second opinions, and I believe that many others are to
    follow', then just say it that way. Just don't confuse a few opinions,
    mingled with your own, as our collective understanding of 'truth'.

    Best regards,


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