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    Re: hi Pat

    Posted by Pat on 3/29/03

    >>>Do you believe that mainstream opinion is that mcs exists? And by
    mainstream I mean broadly recognized and with little controversy. I
    think you understand.<<<

    I'll explain below.

    >>> Now, I realize YOU are pretty well convinced, but what I am asking is
    if you also believe that the MAJORITY of the MEDICAL COMMUNITY is
    equally convinced.<<<

    I've explain about that b4. It is sad, but the majority of MCS skeptics
    have not reviewed the vast majority of data supporting MCS. They do have
    many other things to worry about.

    >>>Mainstream opinion, or the state of knowledge, or whatever you wish to
    call it is collective. Opinion standing alone, no matter how
    potentially profound it may be, is still just opinion standing alone.<<<

    Not to seem arrogant -- so please forgive me if I do-- but the "view" that
    MCS can and does occur biologically is not an "opinion", it has been
    proven. What has not been proven is how widespread it is. It has also been
    proven that people can react to chemicals on a psychogenic basis (due to
    childhood trauma).

    >>> If that single opinion evolves into two, or three and on and on, okay,
    then it becomes mainstream and most of the debate goes away. So if
    what you are really saying is something like 'I think we are seeing
    the first and second opinions, and I believe that many others are to
    follow', then just say it that way. Just don't confuse a few opinions,
    mingled with your own, as our collective understanding of 'truth'. <<<

    The reason I said fanatical is because even when you are faced with proof
    -- I see no reason to retract that statement based on data-- that MCS can
    and does occur on a biological basis -- for example, Dudley's study that
    showed abnormal electrical brain activity upon exposure, and the double
    blind DPG studies, etc. -- you still insist otherwise.

    I would never confuse my "opinion" -- like about this current war -- with
    facts, and that is not what I have done with MCS.

    You insist on agreeing with "skeptics" who have not even reviewed the
    scientific literature.

    But I can agree that this is not the proper place for debate (I post here
    to educate people). I thought you might find it interesting that I am
    submitting an article that I wrote to the New England Journal of Medicine.
    I guess that is the proper place eh?

    Best regards,


    PS: Just to note, it is important to not confuse psychogenic with
    psychological symptoms. Many cases of biological MCS are associated with
    psychological symptoms, which are caused by the biological changes--
    whilst many cases are purely psychogenic.

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