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    Re: They Want To Crucify Me - Hey BFV

    Posted by Mary on 5/17/03

    Hey BFV:

    So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying you don't care
    what others say/do/think because YOU have it all figured out and
    there is no room for disagreement with you? Is that about it?
    Well, okay.

    Best Regards,


    On 5/17/03, BFV wrote:
    > You don't think the ~environment~ has anything to do with the
    > vast number of people, mostly those 40 and older are
    > the doctors office daily, and huge herds on line at the
    > pharmacies getting their prescriptions filled? We weren't born
    > with drugs in our mouths, but we were born to a toxic
    > it has effected many, and I don't care what anyone has to say
    > about heredity B.S. it comes from the poisons we either
    > negligently, carelessly, or forcefully expose ourselves to
    > because of ignorant people like you who most likely contribute
    > the poisoning of our environment. Yes...EVERYONE gets effected
    > and that's the bottom line!!
    >> So, that is what I think and how I am doing. I know that Pat
    >> may be upset with me (or perhaps not), but I'm really trying
    >> to be objective here.
    >> Now that we have all of that out in the open, tell me, if you
    >> don't mind that is, what your next move is. Does this approach
    >> really seem to be helping you improve your health, or find a
    >> job?
    >> Best regards,
    >> Mary
    >> 3/26/03, Back From Vacation! wrote:
    >>> Those who see this chatboard as a place to find victims to
    >>> criticize, and aim their bitterness at, appear to have no
    >>> life. Mary, have we met? Do you know me personally? If you
    >>> do...are you feeling guilty of something? Do you torment the
    >>> MCS'ers? Regardless of where I seek it, are you afraid I
    >>> might get help to end all this unfairness being done to me?
    >>> Why?? On the other hand if you don't know me...boy, you've
    >>> got some nerve denying any of what I've explained is true
    >> and
    >>> feeling I'm making excuses for having MCS to hide laziness
    >>> or something. Who do you think you are posting your sarcasm
    >>> on here...hey, nobody asked you!!! I'm grateful I got some
    >>> wonderful support from more educated people. When you become
    >>> educated on MCS, post some helpful responses because that's
    >>> what this chatboard is for...not for your obvious
    >>> frustrations towards the unfortunate portion of society, for
    >>> what ever reason that could be!? Do you have MCS? Do you
    >> care?
    >>> Hate to tell you, but EVERYONE get's effected sooner or
    >> later
    >>> from exposure to all these disgusting, filthy toxins most
    >>> people are too absent-minded to live without!

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