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    Re: They Want To Crucify Me - Hey BFV

    Posted by BFV on 5/18/03

    On 5/17/03, Mary wrote:
    > Yo Mary,

    Well, that depends...people have a right to their opinions, what they
    say/do/think. But let's just say I'm a step wiser because I have been
    able to clear my mind, and allow myself to focus upon these issues
    from a higher point of view. Although, anyone with basic common sense
    would know that toxic poisons effect ALL living things. It's always
    welcome to hear people on my level respond, and agree!

    Good day

    Hey BFV:
    > So, if I understand you correctly, you are saying you don't care
    > what others say/do/think because YOU have it all figured out and
    > there is no room for disagreement with you? Is that about it?
    > Well, okay.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 5/17/03, BFV wrote:
    >> You don't think the ~environment~ has anything to do with the
    >> vast number of people, mostly those 40 and older are
    > overcrowding
    >> the doctors office daily, and huge herds on line at the
    >> pharmacies getting their prescriptions filled? We weren't born
    >> with drugs in our mouths, but we were born to a toxic
    > world...and
    >> it has effected many, and I don't care what anyone has to say
    >> about heredity B.S. it comes from the poisons we either
    >> negligently, carelessly, or forcefully expose ourselves to
    >> because of ignorant people like you who most likely contribute
    > to
    >> the poisoning of our environment. Yes...EVERYONE gets effected
    >> and that's the bottom line!!
    >>> So, that is what I think and how I am doing. I know that Pat
    >>> may be upset with me (or perhaps not), but I'm really trying
    >>> to be objective here.
    >>> Now that we have all of that out in the open, tell me, if you
    >>> don't mind that is, what your next move is. Does this approach
    >>> really seem to be helping you improve your health, or find a
    >>> job?
    >>> Best regards,
    >>> Mary
    >>> 3/26/03, Back From Vacation! wrote:
    >>>> Those who see this chatboard as a place to find victims to
    >>>> criticize, and aim their bitterness at, appear to have no
    >>>> life. Mary, have we met? Do you know me personally? If you
    >>>> do...are you feeling guilty of something? Do you torment the
    >>>> MCS'ers? Regardless of where I seek it, are you afraid I
    >>>> might get help to end all this unfairness being done to me?
    >>>> Why?? On the other hand if you don't know me...boy, you've
    >>>> got some nerve denying any of what I've explained is true
    >>> and
    >>>> feeling I'm making excuses for having MCS to hide laziness
    >>>> or something. Who do you think you are posting your sarcasm
    >>>> on here...hey, nobody asked you!!! I'm grateful I got some
    >>>> wonderful support from more educated people. When you become
    >>>> educated on MCS, post some helpful responses because that's
    >>>> what this chatboard is for...not for your obvious
    >>>> frustrations towards the unfortunate portion of society, for
    >>>> what ever reason that could be!? Do you have MCS? Do you
    >>> care?
    >>>> Hate to tell you, but EVERYONE get's effected sooner or
    >>> later
    >>>> from exposure to all these disgusting, filthy toxins most
    >>>> people are too absent-minded to live without!

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