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    Re: Hey BFV

    Posted by BFV on 5/25/03

    On 5/18/03, Tricho wrote:
    > BFV:

    > Well, if you can't quote directly....I can't help you on what you don't
    understand about my post. Never did I mention toxic molds, so I don't
    understand what you mean by assuming I know about such.

    My most recent post was in response to Mary asking if I am open to
    hearing other's disagreements, and from the impression I got, she thinks
    I'm some know-it-all. Actually, it doesn't take a college education to
    have basic common sense. I don't need to back up logical views with
    scientific proof/data when I mention that I feel ALL living things are
    effected by toxins. It's just a down-to-earth fact.

    BTW: Do you work for the pharmacy?

    Accept my apologies for your confusion, and have a good night!

    > Hello. I don't know you and we've never talked, but I get the distinct
    > impression that you are one of the "know-it-alls" when it comes to
    > toxic molds.
    > I read one of your more-recent postings and was not impressed with your
    > lax assumptions; I won't quote directly, but it seems that you believe
    > that "at some point... we're all going to be exposed"(from there, you
    > launch into a juvenile statement about Mary).
    > I'm interested in knowing your thoughts about toxic molds/ toxic
    > substances, irrelevant statements aside. I don't mean to offend you,
    > but your most-recent posting was a bit ambiguous; could you perhaps
    > clarify your position to us?
    > - Tricho

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