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    Re: Hey Pat

    Posted by Pat on 5/30/03

    Hey Mary, I contacted some high official of IJT and he said they were looking
    forward to receiving my essay but then I leared it was too long. So then I
    re-wrote the whole thing and I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze so
    much information into a small article lol

    I'll let you know more as I am updated.

    And lately my attention has been off MCS and into something more important to
    me, so I've been quite busy with writing and reading essays and reviews for
    various other topics. So it will probably be a good 5 or 6 months before it's
    published (if not IJT then probably in The Atlantic, though the IJT official did
    say he wanted it).



    On 5/28/03, Mary wrote:
    > Hey Pat:
    > What do we know about your article being published? Been accepted?
    > Scheduled? What's up.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 5/28/03, Pat wrote:
    >> >ALL living things are
    >>> effected by toxins.
    >> Of course, everyone knows that. I don't think Mary disagrees either. Simply
    >> because that is the nature of a toxin (though I think "poison" would be a
    >> better word to use).
    >> Poisons alter the structure and/ or functioning of cells. "Drunk" is no
    > more
    >> than having your brain cells altered by alcohol.
    >> What skeptics meed is solid evidence that poisons are as abundant as some
    >> claim, and I think Mary was asking you for such evidence.
    >> On the other hand, some substances are poisonous to some while harmless to
    >> others; but that's a different topic.

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