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    Re: Hey Pat

    Posted by Har Mary on 6/05/03

    Hey Mary, is what I am thinking of
    submitting (though it does not have nearly as many details as the original did).

    I was wondering, could you critique it for me?



    On 5/30/03, Mary wrote:
    > Pat:
    > Yes, the old 'explain the universe in no more than one paragraph and give
    > examples' approach, eh? We shall stay tuned.
    > Best Regards,
    > Mary
    > On 5/30/03, Pat wrote:
    >> Hey Mary, I contacted some high official of IJT and he said they were looking
    >> forward to receiving my essay but then I leared it was too long. So then I
    >> re-wrote the whole thing and I am still trying to figure out how to squeeze so
    >> much information into a small article lol
    >> I'll let you know more as I am updated.
    >> And lately my attention has been off MCS and into something more important to
    >> me, so I've been quite busy with writing and reading essays and reviews for
    >> various other topics. So it will probably be a good 5 or 6 months before it's
    >> published (if not IJT then probably in The Atlantic, though the IJT official
    > did
    >> say he wanted it).
    >> Best,
    >> Pat
    >> On 5/28/03, Mary wrote:
    >>> Hey Pat:
    >>> What do we know about your article being published? Been accepted?
    >>> Scheduled? What's up.
    >>> Best Regards,
    >>> Mary
    >>> On 5/28/03, Pat wrote:
    >>>> >ALL living things are
    >>>>> effected by toxins.
    >>>> Of course, everyone knows that. I don't think Mary disagrees either. Simply
    >>>> because that is the nature of a toxin (though I think "poison" would be a
    >>>> better word to use).
    >>>> Poisons alter the structure and/ or functioning of cells. "Drunk" is no
    >>> more
    >>>> than having your brain cells altered by alcohol.
    >>>> What skeptics meed is solid evidence that poisons are as abundant as some
    >>>> claim, and I think Mary was asking you for such evidence.
    >>>> On the other hand, some substances are poisonous to some while harmless to
    >>>> others; but that's a different topic.

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