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    Post: hydrogen sulfide disabled several in workplace

    Posted by Michelle Grew on 1/26/03

    I am one of several persons disabled for life because of
    some people who decided to renovate, without state and
    local permits, this former garage contained manholes and
    other assorted drains and tanks under the floor. The
    landlord decided as a escavator to cover these items
    including a buried septic tank with cement and sand and
    then rent the buidling to 4 tenants at a time without
    disclosing what they did. Each tenant complained of the
    rotten egg smell and others odors, the landlord then
    evicted each complainer and did nothing to fix the deadly
    problem. Two toddlers began nosebleeds and began
    siezuring, one teenager had emergency surgery to open a 98%
    blocked airway, 3 ladies had heart attacks, several persons
    were hospitalized with unknown aliments, 1 lady nearly died
    while pregnant, (forcing termantion of pregnancy), one
    tenant was found uncounscious and reieved brain damage.
    This happened in the state of MI. It has become know to us
    that many cities in MI have this problem and the government
    there is doing all it can including breaking law after law
    to keep it quite. Is there anyone interested in joining a
    group to learn more???

    Citizens against corruption

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