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    Re: hydrogen sulfide disabled several in workplace

    Posted by Deborah D. on 2/05/03

    Yes, but some consider me a soul who lives dangerously!

    I care, but my life expectancy has been shortened
    considerably. Any expenditure of energy in this area must be
    benefit me in some way; I have been battling slumlords for 20
    years. I am not getting any younger, or any healthier.

    Feel free to contact me and I will share whatever I can to
    assist in any legitmate, honorable, way to fix this horrible
    situation that is tearing our country apart internally.

    On 1/26/03, Michelle Grew wrote:
    > I am one of several persons disabled for life because of
    > some people who decided to renovate, without state and
    > local permits, this former garage contained manholes and
    > other assorted drains and tanks under the floor. The
    > landlord decided as a escavator to cover these items
    > including a buried septic tank with cement and sand and
    > then rent the buidling to 4 tenants at a time without
    > disclosing what they did. Each tenant complained of the
    > rotten egg smell and others odors, the landlord then
    > evicted each complainer and did nothing to fix the deadly
    > problem. Two toddlers began nosebleeds and began
    > siezuring, one teenager had emergency surgery to open a
    > blocked airway, 3 ladies had heart attacks, several persons
    > were hospitalized with unknown aliments, 1 lady nearly died
    > while pregnant, (forcing termantion of pregnancy), one
    > tenant was found uncounscious and reieved brain damage.
    > This happened in the state of MI. It has become know to us
    > that many cities in MI have this problem and the government
    > there is doing all it can including breaking law after law
    > to keep it quite. Is there anyone interested in joining a
    > group to learn more???

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