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    Re: Dangerous experiments in middle school

    Posted by CALLIE2703 on 2/19/03

    On 2/19/03, Mary wrote:
    > Do you keep your children in some kind of bubble or something?
    > If not, they are exposed to mold all of the time. . Growning
    mold in school does not equal exposure. Do you want to deprive
    your child of a meaninful scientific education?
    iF YOUR children are in school the science teachers , book and
    experments they do are approved and designed to give them a basis
    on which to grow with the knowledge that they gain by performing
    the experiemnts they learn the priniciples of science in a
    controled atmosphere ; If you have a concern go talk to the
    science committee at your school district they oversee what is
    taught ; As you look around yoursaelf today all the science and
    health providerers who care for you today took science in school
    on that basis they have grown to work and practice in many
    different fields today I would hope you would go to your school
    and have a meeting with the person's who teach the science
    courses and be gratefull that they are able to give your child a
    good science foundation if in doubt go learn with your child he
    may have knowledge you could benifit from after all that is how
    Pensillclin and many other antibiotics were discovered by using
    science learned in school to develope new discoveries which will
    help you and many others

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