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    Post: Most Jobs Are Difficult For MCS'ers

    Posted by Ambrosia on 2/18/03

    Employers today, WOW...they really expect a lot out of us!
    No doubt it's for the benefit of their competition against
    other establishments. Like one ridiculous money war, and we
    are in the middle being used as ammo. Not this body you
    won't use!
    So they actually want HIGH ENERGY, SUPER HUMAN,TWO-HEADED,
    SPEED....who can handle many jobs in one, all at once. And
    oh, get this...they also want you to *LOOK HAPPY* about it
    as you're down there breaking your back for them!!! If you
    don't they discard you like a piece of trash!
    If any employer wants the BEST performance out of me, or
    any MCS'er, they're going to have to supply us with a
    nontoxic and humane work environment or else they should
    logically expect laziness, discontent, and brain fog!!
    Speaking of employment, does anyone know what kind of jobs
    most MCS'ers can tolerate and where and what they are,
    because I can't stay unemployed for much longer!

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