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    Re: Most Jobs Are Difficult For MCS'ers

    Posted by Pat on 3/05/03

    >>>Would you like some cheese with that whine?<<<

    Such an interesting comment.

    Picture yourself as follows: Your lungs are closing, you need
    more oxygen but with each breath comes a burning sensation in
    your lungs, throat, and on your lips; you get a fever and
    migraine and maybe even vomit; your balance is so impaired you
    can't stand up straight without help; your memory is so off you
    don't remember your pets name, or what you had just learned at
    school or work, possibly not even your sibling's names; fatigue
    that's so intense you can't get out of bed or move around
    properly sets in; the joints in your spine become miss-aligned
    and nerves irritated; muscles become weaker and become sore;
    brain fog kicks up and you cannot process any information;
    tremendous feeling of depressions and anxiety start [due to
    chemical irritation to the limbic system of the brain]; you
    cannot eat the same foods you once so loved; you can't visit
    dear friends, socialize at the movies, mall, or anywhere outside
    of your house (unless in some open, clean environment like in
    Alaska or something); yet people do not believe any you what you
    are going through is actually physically-caused, despite the
    fact that you've seen many psychologists and have taken
    psychiatric medication, but with no benefit, but in fact were
    harmed by many of such medications.

    Then, you try to find a job somewhere in which chemicals won't
    cause the above anymore. Of course, you have no luck and are
    forced to work at a job that makes you sick[er] until you have
    to quit.

    This goes on for years and so you?ve finally had enough, and
    start venting. Woah hey!-.... ?stop whining?!

    >>> YES, IT IS ABOUT THE MONEY!!! That's the reason
    business exists. It's not there to make you happy, healthy or
    anything else. You exchange your labor or knowledge for pay.
    That's it. No social utopian world. Face it friend, it's a
    hyper competative world, you either keep up or fade away. If
    you don't like it where you are at LEAVE and find something

    Yes, it is a competitive world. I agree that business is almost
    always about the money. That is clear from reading papers by ESRI.

    >>> You exchange your labor or knowledge for pay.<<<

    The point that was brought up by the person you?re responding to
    in that comment, was that MCS sufferers are often incapable of
    exchanging labor or knowledge for pay, since most places in
    which this would occur are full of chemicals that cause extreme

    >>> With that attitude, you wouldn't work for me if you paid ME! <<<

    Of course not, since you clearly have made no effort to
    understand the demise of MCS sufferers.

    >>> Get a grip on yourself and get at it. <<<

    Any suggestions on to how an MCS sufferer would ?get a grip??
    Seriously, I?d like to know.

    >>> Are you French by any chance?<<<

    And with that comment your true character shows. I am mostly
    French (father?s side is French, mother?s side is English and

    You may want to think before you speak. It?ll stop you from
    embarrassing yourself in the future.

    I hope your understanding grows,

    ~ Pat

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