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    Re: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Canada

    Posted by leonlp02 on 12/05/09

    On 2/22/03, nell wrote:
    > I'm from Ontario Canada and have been involved in a WSIB
    > claim for the past four years. I would like to hear from
    > anybody who may be experiencing difficulties getting their
    > claims through. I am particularly interested in
    > occupational disease claims.

    hi, i had a whiplash and lower back injury in 1989 (mva), it
    took me 13 years to get full benefits from the wsib. i had to
    prove that i cannot lift any thing over 20 lbs or repetitive
    bending- sit or stand for more than 20 minutes. no company was
    willing to hire me. lets face it, no company is gonna baby
    sit anyone.

    i have been suffering from dizziness and head pains since the
    accident not realizing that the headpains and dizziness were
    part of the accident.
    just by share luck i was going through my file and i
    discovered that the headpain and dizziness were reported from
    the time of the accident report.

    wsib sent me to 4 different hospitals to do mri, ct, and eeg.
    in one medical report, the md stated that the headpains,
    dizziness and trapezious muscle discomforts were the result of
    the motor vehicle accident. i almost flipped when i found that
    memo. there are about 4 more reports like that. i sent them to
    the adjudicator; im now waiting for her response.
    this adjudicator always give me a hard time. i am just
    waiting to see what she is gonna do with this.


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