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    Re: Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) Canada

    Posted by Bonita Poulin on 12/11/11

    Carpal tunnel can develop from chemical exposures too, although
    that is not recognized by traditional doctors. They only
    recognize repetative movements as the cause. I didn't do
    repetatve work! I developed bilateral carpal tunnel from
    exposures at work in a chemical factory. I had the surgeries
    but the problems came back when I returned to work. Later I was
    diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.

    On 10/18/07, Al wrote:
    > On 2/22/03, nell wrote:
    >> I'm from Ontario Canada and have been involved in a WSIB
    >> claim for the past four years. I would like to hear from
    >> anybody who may be experiencing difficulties getting their
    >> claims through. I am particularly interested in
    >> occupational disease claims.
    > I am looking for help through WSIB and was denied.I developed
    > carpoltunnel in my hands.The reason I was declined was because
    > they said it doesn't develop in one week. I never had any
    > problems with my hands and within a week I had numbness in my
    > finger tips. There is nothing I can do.Because of my condition
    > after handing the forms to my employer,I was fired.I have no
    > way of fighting this and can never mention of my condition to
    > future employers in fear of no hire.Thanks for your help
    > WSIB.Our governement is great.

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