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    Re: toxic chemicals in workplace

    Posted by steve on 12/22/03

    On 12/22/03, steve wrote:
    Nell, you mentioned a concrete floor being poured? or some
    synthetic overlay/leveler?
    If the floor was concrete and they used a gasoline power trowell
    in an un-ventilated area carbon monoxide could be a very likely
    suspect. I am not trained in toxicology but in building
    construction. I had a subcontractor who sawed concrete on one of
    his jobs in a somewhat enclosed area. He and his worker ended up
    in the hospitol.
    > On 2/24/03, nell wrote:
    >> On 2/24/03, mary klein wrote:
    >>> Myself and coworkers were exposed to a mixture of methyl
    >> methacrylate, benzoyl peroxide &nbenzene. This was in a new
    >> floor that was being poured. About 3 doz are sick & there are
    >> 2 suspicious deaths. We have been to our union OSHA NIOSH &
    >> FBI. Attys we have contacted say there is something going on
    >> but there are no attys to help federal employees at the post
    >> office.
    >>> Someone suggested a toxocologist Help us!
    >> Hi Mary
    >> Do you know how to get MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) on
    >> the chemicals you listed? These sheets will give you some
    >> idea on the health effects these chemicals can cause.
    >> Legally they have to be available to employees when chemicals
    >> are used in the workplace. Note that they have no MSDS
    >> sheets or research on chemicals when they are mixed. There
    >> is no research data on long term exposures. If you want to
    >> find the MSDS on the computer go to google and type
    >> in "MSDS". Also another good site is New Jersey Occupational
    >> Health. I hope this helps.
    >> Nell

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