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    Post: Helpful Treatments

    Posted by Patrick on 2/28/03

    I strongly support the use of NAET and NMT treatments for
    MCS. But until one can find a specialist trained in those
    areas, here are some helpful supplements.

    To lessen the severity of the symptoms, take some form of a
    bio-B complex, Focus Factor, Coenzyme Q10, ginseng (so long
    as you do not react to it), an advanced antioxidant formula,
    chlorophyll, and calcium-magnesium citramate.

    Taking those on a daily basis will most likely be a
    tremendous benefit to the MCS or CFS sufferer. It taken for
    a long enough period, the MCS sufferer may be able to expose
    him or herself to chemicals without having too much of a
    adverse reaction, and may be able to socialize like he or
    she once did.

    ~ Pat

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