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    Post: chemical irritant asthma

    Posted by Pat on 3/04/03

    In a highly respected MCS documentary, William J. Meggs,
    M.D. discussed the data on asthma and its relationship to

    Apparently, there is a new type of asthma, which most MCS
    sufferers have. This type is known as chemical irritant asthma.

    This type of asthma works as follows: When certain chemicals
    (typically solvents and perfumes) are inhaled they bind to
    the neurons in the airways and produce inflammation, which
    leads to an asthma attack.

    Many MCS sufferers actually die as a result of this type of
    asthma, so this data should not be taken lightly.

    I have not fully researched the data on this form of asthma
    but I will gladly answer any questions I can,

    ~ Pat

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