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    Re: chemical irritant asthma

    Posted by nell on 3/04/03

    On 3/04/03, Pat wrote:
    > In a highly respected MCS documentary, William J. Meggs,
    > M.D. discussed the data on asthma and its relationship to
    > chemicals.
    > Apparently, there is a new type of asthma, which most MCS
    > sufferers have. This type is known as chemical irritant
    > This type of asthma works as follows: When certain chemicals
    > (typically solvents and perfumes) are inhaled they bind to
    > the neurons in the airways and produce inflammation, which
    > leads to an asthma attack.
    > Many MCS sufferers actually die as a result of this type of
    > asthma, so this data should not be taken lightly.
    > I have not fully researched the data on this form of asthma
    > but I will gladly answer any questions I can,
    > ~ Pat


    The plant where my husband worked had a number of asthma
    victims. As a matter of fact the whole town suffers from
    asthma. The plant was using powdered formaldehyde and the
    waste was being burned off in the incinerators (air bourn).
    When I asked the asthma rate at the health unit in this town,
    the response was "we quit counting". To date, nobody has
    done anything about it. What a devastating price to protect
    the employer.


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