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    Re: chemical irritant asthma

    Posted by nell on 3/04/03

    On 3/04/03, Pat wrote:
    > Hi Nell, that's awful! Have you thought about filing a complaint
    > to the EPA? They may send someone to investigate.


    Have a workman's comp claim in for my husband (he passed away
    from melanoma with no primary found) but the system is so corrupt
    I can't find anybody to trust anymore. No one at any level wants
    to put their necks out even if they know what's going on. I'm in
    Canada but the system isn't much different in your country.
    Protect the employer at all costs at all levels. It's been 5
    years this July I started this case. Most of the men and woman
    in the plant don't even know why they are sick or dying. People
    have to educate themselves as to how the system really works (or
    doesn't). As I read once "cancer is a political disease".
    Believe it.


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