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    Re: chemical irritant asthma

    Posted by Pat on 3/06/03

    Hi Mary,

    I am not a doctor, though I wouldn't necessarily say I am a layperson.
    I am a (partly) recovered MCS sufferer (I can go out frequently
    without getting sick now) who has done a lot of research. I also have
    many, many medical connections.

    The comments I made in this thread were based on a documentary titled
    "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity[:] How Chemical Exposures may be
    Affecting your health" directed by Alison Johnson. It's quite an
    impressive video: Speakers include, Meggs, Ashford, Miller, Ross, and
    Heuser. The ALA and AMA both state that perfumes are triggers of
    asthma, jyfi.

    I just received an email from The American College Allergy, Asthma,
    and Immunology. Here is what it says: "The Editor-in-Chief of the
    Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology has requested that you send
    to him an abstract by e-mail and he can review it to determine if that
    is something the Annals would be interested it ["in" I assume]."

    They are known to be skeptical of MCS so I am going to refer them to
    the literature that they have not reviewed. Afterwards I plan on
    contacting other skeptical authorities.

    At any rate, a person's case does not depend on his or her position as
    some sort of an authority, but rather on the merit of the arguments.
    But seeing as how I have reviewed quite a lot of medical literature,
    have first hand experience with MCS (I have had reactions to chemicals
    I didn't know were there, but foundo out later), and many medical
    connections, I am not someone who should be dismissed. And as I have
    said before, if you know of any errors I've made, please correct me. I
    don't want to hold false knowledge.


    ~ Pat

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