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    Re: chemical irritant asthma

    Posted by Mary on 3/06/03

    On 3/06/03, Pat wrote:


    Thanks for that background.

    I realize this is all off the topic of your original post, but let me
    extend the tangent, if you don't mind.

    What are your thoughts on how one might distinguish a person
    experiencing mcs from someone who is not, but believes they are, or
    alternatively, is falsely claiming mcs and seeking monetary
    compensation from another party?

    Going a step further... How might one distinguish symptoms of mcs
    OCCURING at some location, say a workplace, from symptoms of mcs
    CAUSED by that workplace.

    I inquire simply because:

    I'm curious as to your thoughts.

    This is a legal board populated largely by plaintiffs/potential

    These plaintiffs, as you've observed, frequently are seeking
    compensation from someone. (and if the defendants are not the cause,
    then they become the victim).

    Again, best regards,


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