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    Re: Distinguishing between the fakes, real, and psychological

    Posted by Pat on 3/06/03

    Hey Mary, I would have replied sooner but my mouse is not working well.

    >>>What are your thoughts on how one might distinguish a person
    experiencing mcs from someone who is not, but believes they are, or
    alternatively, is falsely claiming mcs and seeking monetary
    compensation from another party?<<<

    People who believe they have MCS need to have challenge testing done.
    There are imaging and blood tests that can be done in alleged MCS cases
    under challenge conditions. There are other challenge tests to do as well,
    if neccessary. If the results are positive, then the person really does
    have MCS. Stephen barret is aware of this fact but has not once responded
    to it.

    What's interesting is that some people can have what I call a
    "psychological sensitivity". An example of how this can occur is as
    follows: A young person (say age 6 or so) is molested, raped, or undergoes
    some other traumatic event. However let's say that during that traumatic
    event, there was a perfume scent in the air.

    Later on in life, when that person smells perfume or fragrance similar to
    the smell present during the trauma, then the person may have a
    sub-conscious reaction to the smell, which is then manifested physically.

    My point is that just because someone does not have the real MCS doesn't
    necessarily mean they are faking. For such people, some form of therapy
    that goes into the sub-conscious would most likely be beneficial.

    Also, chemicals are known to worsen eczema so if a person only has a skin
    reaction to chemicals, but is unaffected in other organs/systems, then it
    is not MCS (I am aware of three times that MCS has been "clearly" defined,
    and each definition makes it clear that symptoms must occur in multiple
    organs/ systems for the label of "MCS"). And some people have chemical
    irritant asthma, but not MCS.

    For people who are known to be faking, they should be set in their proper
    place. I cannot stand people like that.

    >>> Going a step further... How might one distinguish symptoms of mcs
    OCCURING at some location, say a workplace, from symptoms of mcs
    CAUSED by that workplace.<<<

    Aside from doing the challenge testing mentioned above, careful
    observations could be useful. If it is work caused then a week off should
    improve the sufferer's symptoms and there should be at least one other
    person with symptoms. Again, the challenge testing is really the best way
    to tell.

    I hope this was helpful,

    ~ Pat

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