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    Re: What a hoot

    Posted by Mary on 4/03/03

    > Hey Mary, how's it goin? What I don't get, is why that person was goin' off on
    > me (I had to re-read his/her post to make sure that it was indeed at me lol).


    I had to read it a couple times too. Kinda freaked me out.

    I am really resisting the powerful urge to have all kinds of fun with this. Oh
    heck, I'm going for it:

    I don't know, maybe some of my harshness is rubbing off on you and we just can't
    see it yet, but THEY can... I fear you have been contaminated Pat. Next will
    come the complaints and demands that you be blackballed from posting. Massive
    mainframes have logged your comments and classified you as ANTI-MCS! You've
    really done it now! Remember Pat, THEY can see you through your monitor. THEY
    will watch you type and steal all of your passwords! Then your checking account
    will suddenly be empty! Watch out Pat! run! Run! RUN!

    hee hee
    Sorry, I just couldn't resist...

    Best Regards


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