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    Re: Hey Pat, check this one out

    Posted by Pat on 4/09/03

    Martha, I was not having "fun" with that individual. I realize that he/she is
    suffering greatly.

    If you read my reply carefull you will notice that I was under the impression that
    he/she was yelling at both Mary AND I-- and I could not understand why that
    individual would be upset with me, after I wrote so many posts in support of such

    Yet, even while under that impression I did not write a sarcastic reply to that

    I was wheer that person was once. I know what it is like, all to well. But, the best
    thing to do is to try to be calm and rational. It's easier to be heard that way.

    On 4/09/03, Martha wrote:
    > On 4/03/03, Pat wrote:
    >> On 3/31/03, Mary wrote:
    >>> Pat,
    >>> You just know I can barely contain myself with this one. I'll give it a try:
    >>> Greetings most dear and possibly troubled person. Please try to avoid using
    >>> all caps. It makes it very difficult to read your posts.
    >>> Best regards,
    >>> Mary.
    >> Hey Mary, how's it goin? What I don't get, is why that person was goin' off on
    >> me (I had to re-read his/her post to make sure that it was indeed at me lol).
    > Pat & Mary,
    > I appreciate the candor with which you have responded to the individual who is
    > apparently suffering from the same thing that I am. Did you know that perfume is
    > one of the non-controlled killing chemicals? So to test your MCS, on days that
    > you just think your allergies are kicking up, think about what cologne you are
    > wearing. There was an individual in my life that took great fun in wearing
    > certain scents that zoned me out. Unfortunately, the poor individual did not
    > realize that she was suffering the same fate....she always sounded like she had a
    > cold. She would spritz it on and come into where I was and stand as close as
    > possible as I started hacking and begged for air. I even talked to her
    > diplomatically about the situation to no avail.
    > Anyone who is knowledgeable about RADS; MCS and/or asthma realizes that once you
    > have been exposed, the damage is already done to the lungs, the healing time is
    > indefinite because of the constant exposure to pollutants and those that have no
    > mercy on an individual with this condition. One thing that I cannot tolerate is
    > ignorance on a subject and an individual responding with "college diploma", fly
    > by the seat of your pants attitude.
    > So do not be too rough on the poor soul that is in ALL CAPS, the individual is as
    > angry as I am....but I know the law of the universe, what goes around comes around
    > just so the other person realizes and can sympathize with a situation. But if you
    > want to have "fun", go ahead, it will be at your own expense!

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