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    Re: Hey Pat, check this one out

    Posted by Pat on 4/22/03

    Yes, I know what you mean. It is like being in hell and having everyone tell you that
    you're really in paradise and that you just think you're in hell. It is remarkably
    difficult. But it does get better (I have gotten to the point where I almost have no
    reaction at all).

    I have written to ESRI several times and asked them to critique my essay on MCS. They
    have yet to reply. I wrote to Stephen Barrett and asked him to refute the data presented
    in this essay. He said, "why do you want me to do that?" and then referred me to an
    essay from a long time ago that didn?t do anything to refute the data (simply because
    his reference was outdated).

    My challenge to alleged "skeptics" to refute the data and arguments put forth by MCS
    proponents remains unanswered. I find it fascinating.

    I believe there are several reasons for skepticism.

    (1) Some people are hypersensitive to smells. With such individuals, masking the odor
    and then exposing them to the substance usually causes no symptoms. Studying such
    individuals may cause confusion since they do not have MCS, but do not have a
    psychogenic reason for reacting to the [odorous] substances either.

    (2) Some people react to smells due to emotional traumas, during which the smell was

    (3) Political factors.

    (4). There are also fanatics who just cannot let go of preconceived notions for no
    apparent reason.

    Applying the results of (1) and (2) to people with MCS has been disastrous--- but when
    combined with the political factors, it becomes a nightmare. I work very hard to help
    people understand the data and what they show, and do not show. Albert Donnay works even
    harder than I do and I don't think he receives as much respect as he should. It is a shame.

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