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    Post: chemistry & oxidization: their relationship to MCS/ CFS

    Posted by Pat on 3/04/03

    Oxidants are the substances involved in oxidization, which
    is the process of increasing an element's positive charge by
    removing its electrons.

    Oxidants in the body can cause a chain reaction of mutations
    by stealing electrons from the atoms of cells. Nitric oxide,
    and its oxidant product peroxynitrite are reported to be
    elevated in MCS sufferers. The latter damages Mitochondria DNA.

    Interestingly, in the overlapping disease CFS, the
    mitochondria are reported to be malfunctioning. (more
    evidence that the two diseases share a common cause)

    In chemistry, chemical interactions often produce changes in
    the substances. If the MCS sufferer's cells are reacting
    with chemicals, then this may change the cells' functioning
    and/or structure.

    Such biochemical changes have been consistently reported in
    MCS sufferers. For example, studies of MCS brain imaging
    through Positron Emission Tomography [P.E.T. scans], under
    challenge conditions, reveal changes in the brain that are
    different than the changes reported in psychogenic
    disorders. Similar results have been seen in SPECT, QEEG,
    and FRMI scans.

    The changes in the brain reported in MCS make it clear that,
    statistically speaking, roughly 10 million of the sufferers
    are severely disabled and not capable of working.

    The main question is whether or not these changes are
    permanent (AKA. can the body reverse this damage?). There is
    actually evidence suggesting that MCS-induced damage CAN be
    reversed, although it usually is not.

    If I have made any errors please let me know.

    See: "Multiple Chemical Sensitivity - The End of
    Controversy" by Dr. Martin L. (Marty) Pall, Professor of
    Biochemistry and Basic Medical Sciences, Washington State
    University, at;

    "MCS - A Medical Perspective" by Dr. Mark Donohoe, MB BS;

    "Response to Errors Prevalent in the Understanding of
    Environmental Illness" by Dr. Gerald H. Ross, M.D.,
    C.C.F.P., D.I.B.E.M., D.A.B.E.M., F.A.A.E.M., F.R.S.M., Past
    President, American Academy of Environmental Medicine at;

    "A Brief Overview of MCS" by Cynthia Wilson at;

    "The Role of the Brain and Mast Cells in MCS" by Gunnar
    Heuser, M.D., Ph.D., FACP at;

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