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    Re: chemistry & oxidization: their relationship to MCS/ CFS

    Posted by Pat on 4/22/03

    Hi there! As far as I know, there is absolutely no controversy
    regarding the 2,3-DPG blood test. 2, 3-diphosphoglycerate
    (2,3-DPG) is a metabolite of red blood cells involved in
    releasing oxygen. An abnormal concentration of either
    spectrum---concentrations too high or too low--- imply that the
    body is inadequately oxygenated. If the concentration is too low
    it means that such causes the inadequate oxygenation. When the
    concentration is too high it means that the inadequate
    oxygenation (whatever its cause) causes the excess of 2,3-DPGs.

    Measuring the concentrations is very important and the test that
    does so is valid. To my knowlegde, insurance companies usually
    covers the test.

    For your hospital to deny doing the test is appauling.

    I have many questions I want to ask Albert Donnay but I am going
    to wait until he gets everything collected: MCS RR's location
    received flood damage.

    With regard to reversing MCS, I was not talking about Albert's
    protocol--- though I bet there is a lot of success with it.

    On 4/19/03, EV wrote:
    > Pat, thank you for your posts. I am hoping to try Albert
    Donnay's protocal( because my venous blood gas was
    highly abnormal(and the hospital didn't want to do the test).
    Albert Donnay thinks my neurological, immune and respiratory
    problems from mcs will lessen dramatically after 2 months of
    treatment. I wonder if this is the improvement spoken of by
    you("mcs can be reversed but rare"(paraphase)) and if the 2, 3
    DPG test is controversal(hospitals not wanting to perform)?

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