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    Re: Dr. Gotts

    Posted by Asmithe on 6/04/09

    On 3/20/03, SaraH wrote:
    > On 3/17/03, Pat wrote:
    >> Gots has a remarkable talent in writing. He can words things
    >> in a way to suggest something in which the opposite is true,
    >> and do so without it "technically" being a lie. But in other
    >> cases, he simply lies as seen later on.
    >> The theme of the book is as follows: Since MCS is not an
    >> immunologic disease, then it does not exist. Donald Dudley,
    >> MD, wrote, "Multiple chemical sensitivity has none of the
    >> characteristics of an immunologic disease, and as long as
    >> immunologic criteria are required as proof of its [MCS?s]
    >> existence, it will be seen as a non-disease".
    >> Gots likes to focus on the fact that the *cause* of MCS has
    >> not yet been proven and that the mechanisms are unknown
    >> (though this may change due to Pall's research). That is not a
    >> rational approach. MS (Multiple Sclerosis) has no known
    >> "uniform cause", nor even a diagnostic laboratory test (I
    >> believe MCS now does however), yet those would not be excuses
    >> to deny its harsh biological reality.
    >> Ashford and Miller talk about Gots' earlier work in 95 and 96.
    >> Gots wrote, "[e]verything that is known about MCS to date
    >> strongly suggests behavioral and psychogenic explanations for
    >> symptoms".
    >> Ashford and Miller said the above statement was
    >> "unjustifiable", and that, "Even if he [Gots] were correct
    >> about the absence of physiological evidence (and he is not),
    >> the presence of psychological problems in patients is not
    >> proof of psychological causation. The work of Fiedler et al.
    >> (1992), and that of Simon et al. (1990, 1993) amply
    >> demonstrate that there are MCS patients with no premorbid or
    >> subsequent psychological problems", write Ashford and Miller
    >> (pg. 280). They go on to describe Gots' work of 95 and 96 as
    >> "recycled opinion"
    >> Why does Gots manipulate data? As you know, Gots in the head
    >> of ESRI (Environmental Sensitivities Research Institute).
    >> ESRI's contributors and board members consist of pesticide
    >> manufacturers; representatives from The Cosmetic, Toiletry,
    >> and Fragrance Association; and other industry dominated
    >> representatives.
    >> Reading Gots can make an MCS sufferer angry, but it won't do
    >> much to contribute to scientific integrity.
    >> ~ Pat
    > Pat,
    > You have the book down pat (no pun intended). You have
    > obviously done a great deal of research on the subject. Thanks
    > for your synopsis of the book!
    > A couple of more illnesses that don't have one single test are
    > headaches, PMS, Alzhemiers until the patient is dead and a
    > biopsy of the brain can be done. Interesting that there's no
    > test for a headache yet no one calls the person psychological
    > when they complain of the pain. Doctor's even go on to
    > differentiate between the types of headaches as cluster,
    > miagraine, tension etc., without a single test to prove it.
    > The last I heard Dr. Pall hadn't published his protocols. My
    > treating Dr. happen to attend one of his lectures when he was
    > in town. I also don't think that he has obtained necessary
    > funding yet.:( If his theory proves right then there is hope
    > for MCS suffers as the cycle can be broken!!!
    > Good news is his protoccol doesn't cost big bucks!!! Sorry
    > pharmaceticual companies.
    > You might take a look at Integrated Defense System Overlaps as
    > a disease Model With Examples for Multiple Chemical
    > Sensitivities. It appears to me a nonmedical person that the
    > cycle Pall talks about also overlap with this study. It makes
    > perfect sense for the body to have set up a loop that it got
    > stuck in. Don't alot of chronic pain suffers have the same
    > thing occur even when the pain cause has been treated? I
    > believe I saw something about chronic headaches and the same
    > the news recently.
    > As for a test for MCS are you talking about the SPECT one?
    > Otherwise as far a I know it is a combination of many tests. I
    > would be extremely interested in any info you have on a test.
    > Thanks for sharing info.
    > SaraH

    I know these posts are old, but I have been trying to find out
    what is wrong. It is nearly impossible to get realiable help
    from the medical community. I now have a list of things to watch
    for at a doctors consult appointment. I don't blame doctors that
    don't know what to do, but I do think we need to keep them on a
    thoughtful challange. I have done some research on this Dr.
    Gott's. It seems he is on the other extreme of medical side of
    the tracks. The extreme being that instead of claims to what
    might be helpful, his claims from vitamins and other health
    benefits are to put down ANY thing that could be effective.
    While we have ads and hype about taking supplements on just
    about anything, Gotts goes to the other extreme and suggests
    everything is hype. We know this is not true. This Doctor has no
    solutions, just put downs. Everything he writes has some twist
    of good information to consider, but he is an extremist in
    negative idea's on the other end of the scope. He makes money
    selling those ideas. Those idea's are not solutions either.
    Anyone can do that - you don't need a degree. All of this makes
    him even more uncredible.

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