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    Post: RADS: A form of chemical sensitivity universally accepted

    Posted by Pat on 3/28/03

    In another post I described what Meggs calls Chemical
    Irritant Asthma.

    I am unaware of whether or not Meggs was referring to RADS:
    Reactive Airways Dysfunction Syndrome, which was described
    by Brooks in 1985 and is caused by a massive exposure to
    chemicals, which leads to airway sensitization. From that
    point on, low level exposures to common chemicals -
    perfumes, detergents, etc - result in airway constriction.
    This is a known, accepted and recorded phenomenon of
    sensitization, resulting in chemical intolerance of the
    airways. In the second edition of their scholarly book,
    Ashford and Miller put forth the argument from logic that if
    such sensitization can occur in the airways due to chemical
    exposure, then why could not such sensitization occur in the
    Central Nervous System [AKA, MCS]? (See Ashford and Miller's
    book, 2nd edition, pg. 9) [taken from my essay at]


    As far as I know, the role of potentiation in RADS has not
    been researched. The analogy of such to GWS-- but within
    CNS-- (which is the same analogy made above) has also been
    overlooked, while "stressed" is inappropriately applied. The
    data are clear: A psychogenic perspective is unjustifiable.
    The genetic linkage to PON1 fits perfectly within the NO/CO
    model(s), as the combatants had been administered
    pyridostigmine bromide. Biological data (specifically on NO)
    also help explain PTSD in vets.

    "Psychological" and "psychogenic" are not always
    interchangeable. One is emotionally descriptive, while the
    other refers to emotional etiology. The "contrary"
    literature cited by "skeptics" describes the psychological
    aspect of GWS, and does not support a psychogenic view due
    to the biological data that explain the psychological aspect.

    I will answer any questions on the above information,

    ~ Pat

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