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    Post: 2, 3-DPG and nitric oxide

    Posted by Pat on 4/09/03

    Before I posted on Dilnaz's discovery that MCS sufferers
    have excess 2,3-DPG enzymes due to extreme oxygen deprivation.

    As I've also posted b4, Martin Pall put forth the theory of
    NO. poisoning as the etiology of MCS. I contacted Martin
    Pall and asked him how nitric oxide (NO) could explain the
    2, 3-DPG excess. He wrote, "Nitric oxide binds to heme
    groups just as does carbon monoxide. Having said that, I
    would think that there are other, more plausible mechanisms
    by which nitric oxide might produce increases in 2,3-DPG
    including the vasodilatation produced by nitric oxide,
    leading to increased pooling of blood in the lower parts of
    the body and decreased perfusion in other tissues."

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