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    Re: Hey Pat: About nitric oxide

    Posted by Mary on 4/29/03

    Microsoft is more evil than I am.

    So, to treat or not to treat (with nitric oxide) is the question.
    The use of nitric oxide to treat health problems in premature
    infants is probably increasing. Is this a case of weighing the
    risks and benefits, or is this inappropriate treatment? Seen
    anything about this?

    Best Regards,


    PS: So the folks over at had a flood? Gee, I wonder if
    they will sue themselves over mold exposures later on. Should be

    On 4/28/03, pat wrote:
    > Grrr, I hate how quotation marks turn into question marks when
    > write your replies on microsoft word first! Very annoying!
    > lol
    > ~ Pat

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