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    Re: trick question>>>>>>>>>

    Posted by FF on 4/27/03

    "Excuse me sir, I am looking for an honest answer regarding
    which direction or fork in the road to take, is there an
    honest man in the house that will give me the correct or true

    Dear Mr. Cliff:

    It goes back to my original post: we neek to seek the truth,
    we need the correct answer, using valid or good science, and
    not "Spin Science," and then let the ax fall where it may.
    There has to be a way to sort it out.

    I have tried to ask questions on this board that are relevant
    and will help in identifying those persons that seek the
    correct answer, tell the truth.


    On 4/26/03, Cliff wrote:
    > There is a house on the fork of the road. The man is
    > trying to get to the store, but he does not remember which
    > road to take. In the house are twin brothers. One brother
    > lies all the time the other tells the truth all the time.
    > The man can only ask one question to lead him to the store.
    > Not knowing which brother has answered the door, what is
    > the one question he asks?

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