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    Post: MCS, gulf war vets and proper brain scanning

    Posted by Pat on 4/28/03

    Insurance companies are usually unwilling to pay for
    high-resolution, 3-camera SPECT scans (which are the useful
    ones), as well as PET and FRMI scans.

    Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the standard for brain
    scanning. However, MRIs measure a magnetic signal and are
    based on the brain?s water content, and only look at
    structure. They are useless in MCS.

    I think Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) should be
    explored in MCS. MRS is a brain imaging technique that
    measures chemical composition. It is excellent in diseases
    like Alzheimer's disease and can detect brain tumors early on.

    Dr. Robert Haley from the University of Texas, and others
    studied the brains of 22 Gulf War veterans with a control
    group of 18 Health veterans using MRS. The ill veterans had
    up to 25% of their brain cells depleted. Such magnitude of
    brain cell depletion is found in multiple sclerosis,
    amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and other degenerative
    brain disorders. The journal of Radiology indicates that the
    study has endured and passed rigorous peer-review.

    Molecular and Cellular biologist Arthur Kerschen, in his
    essay on GWS wrote that GWS is "an unfortunate bi-product"
    of "Tremendous media hype" and went on to write, "Make no
    mistake about it, the proponents of Gulf War Syndrome will
    stop at nothing less than a large monetary settlement with
    the United States government, at taxpayers expense." I
    contacted Kerschen and informed him of the above data on the
    Gulf War Vets, including the genetic data I gave in another
    post. He offered no rebuttal and has refused to do so.

    See "Brain scans of Gulf War veterans show brain damage" by
    Mindy Baxter ([214]648-3404)

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