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    Re: Hoping To Speak The Right Language!!!

    Posted by Pat on 5/05/03

    Skeptics are in the minority of MCS researchers. Scientists
    favor the organic view of MCS over the psychogenic view by
    ratio of 2:1 (Ross, 2000; Donnay, 1999, 2002). So most of them
    will not call you crazy.

    Even (most of) those who propose psychogenic mechanisms do not
    think MCS sufferers are crazy. Nor do they think MCS is
    imaginary. They generally feel that it is a somatiform
    disorder (which is incorrect, but it's nice to know they don't
    call the sufferers crazy).

    Here's some advice: If people wear things that make you sick,
    you should probably talk to them about it, calmly; and ask
    them if they could not wear things that make you sick. If the
    person refuses, then try to stay away from that person. If
    they try to call you crazy, refer them to me
    ( need be I will give out my
    number through email)

    But don't "lose it" when describing your illness to other
    people, since the general public will usually assume you have
    psychogenic problems.

    I wish you the best,

    ~ Pat

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