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    Re: Hoping To Speak The Right Language!!!

    Posted by Mary on 5/07/03

    Sara Monica:

    Yes. So true, so true. It is all very sad, isn't it?

    Best Regards,


    On 5/07/03, Sara Monica wrote:
    > On 5/04/03, Mary wrote:
    >> Hello, welcome to earth.
    > *EARTH?* I don't even think you can call it that, as man has
    > tampered with, and fabricated this planet far beyond
    > Sadly, nobody really knows what the true *earth* is really
    > like, because too many are ignorantly trying to change and
    > correct the very nature of it. You go outside in the spring
    > can't even smell the flowers because they've got this
    > horrendous smelling fertilizer distributed all over the damn
    > place, by those obsessed with the idea of a bug/weed free
    > world! How absurd!
    > What a shame you can't really welcome anyone to *earth* but
    > can welcome them to your man-made toxic death trap! Gosh, I
    > think the space aliens have more sense than us! No one in
    > right mind destroys their one and only home!!!
    >> Best Regards,
    >> Mary
    >> On 5/01/03, Sara Monica wrote:
    >>> I am very well aware of how my body reacts to toxic
    >>> substances, when it happens and why. My entire sinus area
    >>> swells (ears nose and throat), after inhaling toxic junk,
    >>> making it difficult for me to breathe, speak, hear, think,
    >>> smile, etc.
    >>> NO,NO,NO.....I do NOT want to continue feeling this way
    >>> just because others ignorantly believe I am a fake. YES,
    >>> YES, YES.....the person deliberately exposing me to this
    >>> stuff and carelessly ignoring me when I claim it bothers
    >>> me, is bitterly feasting on the idea of making me suffer
    >>> and IS harassing me. Therefore, they SHOULD be charged
    >> with
    >>> criminal intent behavior. No one is going to tell me that
    >>> this type of torment is allowed because it's so easy for
    >> us
    >>> to blame the victim as being delusional, in great need of
    >>> medication.
    >>> Be aware that there are other people with MCS, those that
    >>> don't show devastating signs of it, like getting
    >>> convulsions,for example. But they may just value their
    >>> wonderful sense of smell and wish NOT to have it altered
    >> by
    >>> synthetic fragrances and chemicals that harm the olfactory
    >>> nerves so they develop anosmia (loss of smell). Avoiding
    >>> synthetics/chemicals is a person's preference, and I think
    >>> we all need to learn to co-exist, respectfully towards one
    >>> another's needs! Just as you wouldn't make loud noise
    >> after
    >>> midnight disturbing your neighbor, you shouldn't blow
    >> smoke
    >>> in their window, or other irritating chemicals their way
    >> as
    >>> well. Take into consideration, disturbance comes from all
    >>> forms, not just the ones we were fortunate to have laws
    >>> against like "noise ordinance." You are creating a
    >>> disturbance, especially if you are aware that a person is
    >>> bothered by a substance and you just continue to expose
    >>> them all the more....hey, doesn't that sound like
    >>> harassment????? And NO, the victim isn't a nutcase!
    >>> Why should a person be psychologically conditioned and
    >>> medically treated to like something they *normally*
    >>> dislike, and to accept things they're wise enough to know
    >>> is harmful to their health? What's the aim? To make idiots
    >>> out of people, so these chemical companies can continue
    >>> rolling in the big bucks? "It would put too many people
    >> out
    >>> of work" they say. OK....isn't there better, safer,
    >>> natural, nontoxic products they can be producing, keeping
    >>> those same people happily employed....BUT...standing
    >> behind
    >>> products that are healthfully pleasant, and gentle on the
    >>> environment. We could then co-exist comfortably...all of
    >>> us, and not only the strong.
    >>> In all cases, thinking MCS'ers need medication, or to be
    >>> institutionalized because you lack the mental energy to
    >>> look into such matters, therefore lazily believing them to
    >>> be fakes.....will never work with me. I will NEVER EVER be
    >>> on medication or be institutionalized for being a basic,
    >>> down to earth, wise person avoiding the suffering, and who
    >>> just wants to simply *enjoy life!*

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