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    Re: Ronald Gots - IJT?

    Posted by Mary on 5/13/03

    Hello Pat:

    I was looking for info on the IJT.

    All I found was the 'International Journal of Transgenderism
    (IJT)'. I guessing that is not the correct publication. What
    is you IJT reference.

    Thanks and Best Regards,


    On 5/13/03, Pat wrote:
    > Probably everyone here knows who Ronald Gots is. Anyone
    > familiar with his writings or speeches knows he is an
    > excellent wordsmith (not as good as me though ;))
    > I thought it might interest some of the alleged skeptics
    > here to know that I contacted Gots a long time ago and
    > him, very kindly, to refute the data I presented. Gots
    > replied. Same with Stephen Barrett (Barrett's own daughter
    > has FM, which overlaps with MCS over 50&37; of the time),
    > though he did reply once but didn't offer any rebuttals
    > instead referred me to an essay from 10 years ago (which
    > already been trashed by Ashford and Miller). In my opinion,
    > this says a lot about their willingness to openly view
    > In not too long from now an essay of mine will appear in an
    > issue of the IJT. I think it will pretty much blow the
    > shreds out of the basis for MCS skepticism.
    > Anywho, cheers to all,
    > Pat

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