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    Post: Tired of "experts"

    Posted by Tricho on 5/18/03

    I've had enough with "experts".

    The circumstances that brought me here are complicated and,
    frankly, not easily understood. Suffice it to say that I
    know what I'm talking about. Shut up and listen.

    First of all, ANY so-called "expert" who maintains that
    Stachybotrys chartarum is harmless is NO "EXPERT". If
    anybody claims that "not enough evidence exists" to prove
    S. chartarum is toxic, walk away.

    I challenge any and all "experts" to SCIENTIFICALLY prove
    to me that it is NOT dangerous. I don't want to see
    regurgitated "facts" or unfounded conjecture... I want
    PROOF. According to the research I have in my possession
    (all of it scientific and proveable), it is far from safe.

    To any potential challenger, I issue this warning: be
    prepared to scientifically substantiate your theory or I
    will ignore you! I will not accept anyone who claims to be
    an expert but fails to elucidate in even SIMPLE terms. An
    expert is prepared with pertinent information AS WELL AS a
    verifiable body of work to support it.

    E-mail me, or post it here.

    - Tricho

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