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    Post: Who Would Be The Fool In This Scenario?

    Posted by Dana Marya on 6/04/03

    Someone elses toxicity is not necessarily my problem! But...

    Here I am lingering around a co-worker who's doused herself
    in cheap perfume. Just to cope without acting too awkward,
    I psyche myself into believing 'it won't harm me!' As the
    minutes pass, my nose begins to stuff as my nostrils swell
    and close up. My throat gets scratchy. I start sneezing,
    coughing, and my head feels like it's filled with cement.
    But still I try telling myself 'it's all delusional.' I'm a
    fake? Really?
    Hey, wait a minute.....why am I settling for suffering
    because it's not common to speak up and tell a person
    you're being irritated by their toxicity? In other words,
    if one choses to lack education on the matter, realizing
    how harmful these chemicals are to their health as well as
    mine, I should lower myself to be on their level, exposing
    myself, and allowing harm to my health also? That's
    insanity!!! No.......I will always run from toxic
    chemicals........and what will my reaction be when I'm
    DELIBERATELY exposed? Expect a 'normal' angry, defensive
    and irritable witch. If the feedback annoys them why did
    they heckle that person in the first place? Authorities
    should deeply consider that....who's harassing who?

    If they disrespectfully continue to wear the perfume all
    the more, or expose you to some other chemical they're
    aware that bothers you, conveying their message that 'you
    cannot make rules' which is such a naive way of looking at
    an MCS'ers request for avoiding chemicals......then is this
    NOT harassment? Should it NOT fall into the category of
    disturbing the peace? What rights does a person have,
    towards protecting their health? And what can they do about
    this hate and spitefulness received by people deliberately
    causing unnecessary exposure to 'poison?' Are we allowing
    these demons to kill us in their own little 'allowed'
    and 'surreptitious' way, because the laws need improvement
    considering how sneaks operate? I think it's about time we
    crack down on people who've been tormenting the people with
    MCS way too long enough, possibly exacerbating their
    condition with their negligent, immature game playing!!!

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