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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker

    Posted by Elijah Oliver on 1/23/04

    Personally i think you guys are dumb. You are spending your time

    criticizing a man rather than doing something constructive. I

    donít care if he is a quack. I think heís a great man who has

    saved many lives. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Most

    likely youíre not, because you are a bunch of jerks. If you

    could see what kind of person Mr. Shoemaker really is I bet you

    would take back every bad thing you said. Oh, if not just saying

    the things you say is bad enough you have to go out there and put

    it on the internet. In a way Iím glade that you did, because now

    whoever reads this website can see how you all are a bunch of

    stupid low lives. I just wanted you to know how disrespectful you

    are being and I just wish that you will feel bad for what you

    have said. I am only 14 years old and I know better than to do

    something that evil. Hey, Iíll get into heaven, but I donít know

    if God will really appreciate you. Thanx for listining and even

    if you don't care, just think about it.


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