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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker's Treatment Protocol-Yes, he's a Quack!

    Posted by bob b on 11/26/03

    I am on CSM as prescribed by a physician who works with Dr.
    Shoemaker. I have been very sick with a number or dibilitaing
    health problems for over 5 years. Prior to the onset of illness I
    was a very healthy individual and triathlete training 12 hours a
    week doing whatever I wanted in life. Now Im very inactive, have
    little energy, major digestive problems, neurological problems,
    muscular pain, constant tinitus, and a few other symptoms. My
    bloodwork has revealed antibodies to various "toxic" molds
    (aspergillus, cladosporium) and mycotoxins (aflatoxin, saratoxin,
    trichothecene) and a neurologist verified that i have a toxic

    The CSM has definitely helped my digestive tract function more
    normally. I do feel as if I am detoxing and for reasons I wont go
    into detail here I do believe that the CSM flushes biotoxins out
    through the stool as Dr. Shoemaker has stated.

    I have suffered no ill side effects and actually look forward to
    taking this drug every day because at the moment it is my only hope
    for a cure.

    On 9/21/03, Gary Rosen, Ph.D. wrote:
    > On 6/25/03, Greg Weatherman wrote:
    >> John Codie and FF;
    >> Mr. or Ms. Elliot obviously does not have good reading
    >> comprehension skills. I am reprinting a standard discalmer on
    >> the "Chronic Neurotoxins" website at the bottom of the page:
    >> Disclaimer:
    >> No guarantees for a cure for any disease are implicitly or
    >> explicitly given to anyone. No single vision test can fully
    >> describe function of the visual system or conclusively indicate
    >> the presence or absence of neurotoxins or neurotoxicity.
    >> Diagnoses cannot be made and medications cannot be prescribed
    >> without seeing a physician in person.
    >> This common medical disclaimer is based on federal law enforced
    >> by the FDA.
    >> I have sent several customers to Dr. Shoemaker. I have not heard
    >> one of them say anything less than fantastic about his skill. I
    >> recently introduced him to a Microbiologist who has been working
    >> with toxic mold for 40 years (even though the toxic aspect was
    >> not known until the late 1960's in the research community).
    >> This PhD microbiologist's wife is a cardiologist holds a another
    >> Phd in physiology. He thinks Dr. Shoemaker is onto something.
    >> he has seen MD's come and go with their ideas. I'm not going to
    >> give his name because he is already deluged with requests.
    >> If you're going to slam someone in public forum where you may
    >> cause them professional or economic harm, you should think twice
    >> about a word called "slander".
    >> Also, it is typical for insurance to settle these types of cases
    >> you are describing because nutcases are not worth the expense of
    >> trying the case in court.
    >> I know a biocide manufacturer who was sued in NJ. A woman claimed
    >> the was unable to work as a model or have a normal relationship
    >> with her husband because whe was exposed to a glutaradehyde
    >> sterilant while working in a hospital. It was a chemical
    >> sensitivity claim. The company investigated. They found that
    >> she had only worked one day. She was a volunteer. She had
    >> nothing in the way of money where they could countersue to recoup
    >> the expenditures. The company was only using EPA label
    >> directions and OSHA PEL's. Science and the government were not
    >> looking at the "Sensitizer" issue (one of the EPA Toxicity test
    >> reflects this gap today). They decided to give her a small
    >> settlement so she would go away. These things really happen.
    >> So, For the sake of a good man, put up or shut up.
    >> Regards,
    >> Greg Weatherman
    >> Aerobiological Solutions Inc.
    >> Arlington VA, 22202
    >> *********************************************************
    >> On 6/24/03, johncodie wrote:
    >>> If you are going to slam a guy, could you be good enough to
    >>> identify the state, or federal court, perhaps judge that is
    >>> going to hear that settlement has been cleared from his court.
    >>> We want the truth. But we don't want people denied the same
    >>> rights. Just provide a start to the road map for success.
    >>> Don't leave everyone else hanging.
    >>> On 6/24/03, D. Elliot wrote:
    >>>> On 6/17/03, C J wrote:
    >>>>> Are there any MCSers who have tried Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker's
    >>>>> Treatment? I am concidering it and would love to hear from
    >>>>> anyone who has tried it or something similar already.THANKS!
    >>>>> CJ
    >>>> Ritchie doesn't know what he's doing. He prescribes this
    >>>> drug for a short period of time and doesn't know all of the
    >>>> ramnifications! Cholestyramine needs to be prescribed for at
    >>>> least 8 months to work in addition to other protocols. We
    >>>> are currently in a settlement with him. Don't trust him!

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