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    Re: Dr. Shoemaker's Treatment Protocol

    Posted by ML on 12/02/03

    I'm jumping in the conversation late in the game and had
    trouble following this long thread, but......

    Anyone calling a doc a quack should do so only after being seen
    by such a person and finding poor results. Dr Shoemaker does
    not just rely on a VCS test found on the internet. In order to
    see him for a visit, he requires your entire medical records
    beforehand, as well as having the pt fill out a comprehensive
    written history, documenting all diagnoses, treatments,
    including what worked and what didn't. I went to see him this
    past month and I had a 3 hour appt with the doctor. And then he
    drew 15 tubes of blood to test a variety of things. His staff
    also administered an EKG at the onset of the appt.

    I've been following his work in the Lyme disease community for
    the past two years or so, and I also believe that he's onto
    something. It's encouraging to hear from those
    people who have been helped by his protocols.


    On 12/01/03, Terry wrote:
    > I have tried this protocol and am living proof that this man
    > is not a quack. I went from an unknown fungal infection and
    > posssible Lyme that kept comming up negagtive to excellent
    > health. This man saved my life. I felt like a 93 year old
    > woman, couldn't get out of my own way. There was a fungus
    > under hte old farm house that I lived in. There is also noted
    > fungus in local court house and Library. I was told nerver to
    > enter the library. Teh court house has moved and is slated
    > for distruction due to the inability to rid of the fungus.
    > I'm a nurse by professiojn and not easily impressed, but this
    > man earned my respect. Hands down He knows what he's doing.
    > only thise that don't have the answers are afraid to try new
    > treaments and are quick to critisize when something may be so
    > simple and not cost a million bucks for treatment. Damn guess
    > they loose. I won!
    > Terry Elias prior residence Dames Quarter Maryland (the
    > house is gone thank God)

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